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ZURI CARB CUT™ – 2 Month Supply

ZURI CARB CUT™ – 2 Month Supply

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Lose the fat, keep the muscle and stave off hunger with Zuri Nutrition’s Carb Cut™. This blend of chromium picolinate, garcinia cambogia, gymnema sylvestre and bitter melon extract supports lower carbohydrate cravings and helps block the enzymes in your body responsible for making fat. Support your appetite and manage your weight all while preserving your hard-earned lean muscle mass with our Zuri Carb Cut™ supplement. 

Zuri Carb Cut™ helps with:

  • Carb Reduction and Glucose Support
  • Supports Appetite Control
  • Enhances Fat Loss
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Preserves Lean Muscle Mass

Dosage and directions for use: Take 1 serving (2 capsules) daily, with or without food. DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DOSAGE

How To Store:

Please store this product in a dark and dry area less than 25 degrees Celsius. Due to humidity present in kitchens and bathrooms, it is best to store your multivitamins in a dry area i.e bedroom cupboard or linen cupboard. Humidity and heat can cause oxidation of water-soluble vitamins rendering them nutritionally inefficient.

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