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About Us

Behind The Name

The name Zuri Nutrition communicates our company’s philosophy at its core. “Zuri”, a Swahili word that is associated with beauty, attractiveness and something lovely represents the solutions we as a company eagerly seek to provide – beauty and cosmetic solutions. “Nutrition” communicates our approach to the solutions we provide our customers. This name not only identifies us as a company but our methodology and our beliefs. We hope to convince our customers to think the same. Beauty and Health should never be mutually exclusive because you are your most beautiful at your healthiest!

Hello Beautiful!

We Love Safe Products!

Our locally produced products are developed in ISO9001, ISO1401, OHASA18001 certified facilities that abide by GMP and IMS requirements and have been for the past 27 years. These guys are so OCD and pretty much our BFFs. We trust them.

You can too!