Become A Reseller With Zuri Nutrition!

Resell Zuri Nutrition products in 4 easy steps

1. Buy a minimum of 8 products at a time from our online store

2. Upon checkout, use this Coupon Code WHOLESALE40 to get a  40% Discount (if you bought 8 products or more). If you bought 16+ products, use this coupon code WHOLESALE45 to get 45% Discount. This excludes all combos, bundles and gift cards.

3. We provide Free shipping for Wholesalers in South Africa. All Wholesale purchases from outside South Africa will incur the normal international shipping fee (R700 incl. customs and taxes).

4. Make payment, and we will notify you via order confirmation emails once your order has been captured and after your payment has been made, if online. You will also receive your tracking details via email to trace your order until it reaches you in 2-5 working days (in South Africa) and 1-2 weeks (outside of South Africa). 

Shop Now Pay Later option is available for Wholesale purchases, so don't delay, shop today! 

We pride ourselves in maintaining high quality standards for our products. All resellers have to ensure our products are kept in a dry, cool space, outside of the sun.